Born Naturally Midwifery

Welcome to Born Naturally, the Midwifery practice of Jeanette Kleger ND RM, located in Vernon, BC.

At Born Naturally Midwifery, you will receive personalized care in a relaxed, family centered environment. Jeanette blends the art and science of midwifery together. She believes pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are natural life transitions for healthy women. Therefore, she respects the innate wisdom of the body to grow a healthy baby and to give birth with minimal interventions. She believes it is unwise to interfere in the birthing process and as we do, more complications can arise.

Midwives are primary caregivers for healthy pregnant women throughout their pregnancy, delivery and postpartum periods. Midwives specialize in providing safe, quality care to low-risk, healthy women and their newborns. Midwives monitor and guide, respecting the family's choices and values. Jeanette respects the birthing process and she believes her job as a midwife is to safeguard the process for mother and babe.

Midwives offer women the choice of birthing in home or in hospital. They have hospital privileges and can order all the typical tests in pregnancy such as ultrasounds and blood tests. Midwives can consult with and refer to specialists as necessary. If a transfer of care from a midwife to a physician is required, the midwife will remain involved, providing supportive care.

Jeanette works as a solo practitioner with occasional backup from other midwives. You will see Jeanette during your prenatal visits and she will be on-call when you go into labour. By having one practitioner, you will be able to familiarize yourself with her and she will get to know your birth preferences. Prenatal appointments will occasionally need to be rescheduled if Jeanette is at a birth during your scheduled appointment time.

To Schedule an appointment call Jeanette at (250) 550-6850.